Indian Curry House, as the name suggests prides itself in serving main course, snacks & side Indian dishes as well as famous local Canadian dishes to pamper all walk of life. We have professional staff that is always impatient to pamper your taste buds. Relax in our well stocked bar and enjoy tandoori dishes and sea food while you enjoy company of your family or friends. While in here, order any of the Chef Specials for a memorable experience. Try out of Vegetarian or Non-Vegtarian dishes with options to choose from Sizzlers, Tandoori, Lamb Dishes, Seafood Dishes, world famous Biryani, Stuffed Bread, Desserts including Special Samosa and Vegetable or Chicken Pakora. Order your favorite dishes at the convenience of your home on those days when you feel little tired and are in no mood to cook and let our chefs do the magic for you

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Take Out / Catering

Order your cherished dishes for a takeout or get in touch with us for your favorite catering choices delivered at your location.

Professional Staff

A concerted team effort from multiple professionals brings in a conspicuous difference right from Greetings, Cooking and Serving absolutely to your briefing.


Indian Curry House offers Indian and Canadian Cuisine to its distinguished guests. We offers fine Dine-In Experience for food lovers with options like conventional Tandoori, Sea Food, Sizzler, Stuffed Bread, Biryani etc. In Side dishes, one can try world famous fresh Samosa and Pakora. Our professional chef would love to engage with you to provide any dish specific to your choice level


Diverse Canadian & import beers, Tempting cocktails, tasteful wines. Our Well stocked bar offers an array of collection to choose from. Indulge in special selection of wine, hand crafted cocktails in an informal ambience.

Our specialized catering team is always willing to go that extra mile to make your social function a success while you enjoy the company of your guests. Plan your activity and get in touch with our management who will assist you walking through the whole affair minutely to ensure that all the aspects have been carefully evaluated and explicitly worked out for your family to caress all the invitees.

Large groups are welcome! The Indian Curry House has an overall total capacity of 75 guests with option to club seating arrangement with prior appointment at some specific business hours. Special deals for Ladies Kitty parties!!

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